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Furniture and homeware: why local is better

Portugal has always been a symbol of quality, a small country that for centuries specialised in the manufacture of low volume high-quality products. From the famous Port Wine to Portuguese tiles, canned goods or cheese. Recently, other Portuguese goods have also excelled in the international market with industrial products that compete alongside the best in the world.

Cork, footwear, textiles and ceramics are some of Portugal’s top exports. But few people know that Portuguese furniture also represents a significant value in national exports and continues to grow.

Currently, the furniture sector in Portugal has over 5,000 companies producing for the national and international markets, as well as specialist niche markets.

Thanks to globalisation and investment in new equipment, areas of specialisation and an increase in resources, Portuguese furniture is recognised worldwide for its excellent quality. It also boasts a greater culture of design, with several national brands exporting furniture to such demanding markets as France, Angola, the United Kingdom, the USA, Arab countries and China.

In this context of global market trends, Portugal Interiors made the conscious decision, from the outset, to supply furniture made in Portugal. Our exclusive lines are produced by Portuguese manufacturers with talented designers, which gives us an added guarantee of quality.

The proximity to the manufacturer means we can develop exclusive furniture ranges that meet our client’s needs.

Quality and design are very important as many of our clients furnish their homes for holiday rentals, where the intensive use of furniture requires that each piece be durable and easy to clean. As well as aesthetically beautiful – no guest wants to spend their holiday in a house with outdated or ugly furniture!

Portugal Interiors also sources its textiles from local suppliers, clients are able to choose the fabric for curtains, decorative pillows and bedspreads.

Portuguese seamstresses are known worldwide by fashion houses and design furniture for their high standard of work. As the seamstresses are local, we are able to secure quicker delivery times and quality.

The same applies to other items needed to furnish a home, such as kitchenware and household appliances. The advantage of sourcing locally is that you get local support and are not left at the mercy of big box stores. It is the easiest and most economic solution in the long run. Local suppliers are great support when it comes to replacing damaged or broken items.

An old client of ours made an interesting point the other day, she said: “Warranty on household appliances is always easier when buying from local companies. If my TV breaks down, I pop down to my neighbourhood store, where they take care of everything and even loan me a set while my equipment is being repaired or replaced. I really don’t want the hassle of contacting a big box warehouse or worse, managing a guarantee with an online vendor where, most of the time, I don’t even know who I am buying from!”.

Our choice is simple: we always buy from Portuguese suppliers who guarantee the best possible client experience to those who entrust us with decorating and furnishing their homes.

As visitors to this beautiful country, we have a social responsibility to support local businesses.

And let’s not forget the environment, by cutting transportation costs and miles, we reduce pollution, create more sustainable jobs and support small businesses that are important in our communities.

Our clients are happy to know that they are buying quality and at the same time giving back to the Portuguese people who have welcomed them so warmly!


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