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Portugal Interiors featured in the new 'Portugal the Simple Life Magazine'

Portugal is not just a country; it's a canvas for lifestyle artists. And who better to paint the nuances of this vibrant culture than Portugal the Simple Life Magazine?

Offering an insider’s perspective on investing and living in Portugal, this free publication, sponsored by Leisure Launch Group, is jam-packed with loads of useful information, including an article by our Managing Director, Allenah Tereso.

Portugal Interiors featured in the new 'Portugal the Simple Life Magazine'

Transforming Homes for Simple Life Homebuyers

In this article, Allenah shares Portugal Interiors' unique approach to furnishing and decorating the homes of our Simple Life Homebuyers:

"We understand that the process of furnishing and decorating a home in a foreign country can be daunting, filled with countless decisions and challenges in sourcing quality local suppliers to furnish your home in Portugal while you are living in another country. What distinguishes PORTUGAL INTERIORS, is our many years of experience and unwavering commitment to doing the groundwork."

Allenah also explains what's included in our furniture packs, which can be mixed and matched according to each homeowner’s taste, always prioritizing local manufacturers and suppliers to benefit the community.

"When our Simple Life Homebuyer clients work with us, they have the comfort and peace of mind of knowing that they will walk into a home that is furnished and decorated for them, ready to live in. Every piece, every detail, carefully chosen to create not just a living space but a sanctuary — a place where cherished moments of the new Portuguese life are waiting to unfold", explains Allenah.

"Simple Life Homebuyers rest easy knowing that PORTUGAL INTERIORS has the experience to take care of everything!"

The Simple Life Home Buyer experience at 'Aldeia dos Sobreiros'

This issue also includes an interesting case study of a recent Leisure Launch Group project, built by Presprop and sold by Portugal Realty and Immo Portugal.

Set in the seaside village of Salir do Porto, the 'Aldeia dos Sobreiros' project also counted on Portugal Interior's design team. Homebuyers such as Christian Esslinger, from Germany, who shared his experience of furnishing and decorating his beautiful villa with our very own Ana Silva:

"We got in touch with Ana when the house was still in construction and she took us on a tour in the area to see a couple of houses she furnished together with her team. The high quality of the materials as well as the great taste for design and colours immediately impressed and convinced us. (...) When I took over the house, I was speechless − it just looked amazing and super beautiful. Everything was there, from cutlery to sofa and bed linen. The house was basically ready to move in or spend great holidays!"

About 'Portugal The Simple Life Magazine'

Portugal the Simple Life Magazine is more than just a publication; it's a gateway to understanding the Portuguese lifestyle.

Portugal The Simple Life Magazine 2023 edition - Silver Coast dossier

Portugal The Simple Life Magazine 2023 edition - Why the Silver Coast feels like home

Besides several articles by property specialists from Leisure Launch Group, this new edition also includes invaluable information about our beloved region, the Silver Coast.

Now available in three languages - English, Dutch, and French - you can grab your free copy on Portugal The Simple Life's website or stop by our office on Portugal's Silver Coast!


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