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The importance of furniture & decor in your holiday home’s success

In today’s highly competitive Tourism market, holiday homes that convey the best “mood” are the ones that will receive the highest rental yields... It’s not just about offering the best location. It’s all about delivering the best client experience!

The best way to capture the attention of holiday guests may be with professional photos but modern decor and contemporary furniture are what will truly make a difference in catching the client’s eye and improving the overall guest experience...

At a time when the Tourism market is rapidly changing due to the new challenges of a completely digital age, the holiday home rental market is no exception.

Currently, almost 100% of holiday home reservations are based on visual content, which shows the importance of images to ensure the success of this business.

To capture the attention of potential guests, promotional photos of homes must show modern decor and contemporary furniture that conveys comfort, tranquillity, class and elegance.

Professional photos undoubtedly help to make the property stand out from the competition, but a house with modern and appealing furniture and decoration will increase the probability of it being shared on social networks by clients that have stayed, and therefore also increase the visibility and credibility of a holiday home.

Ensuring a hassle-free client experience is also one of the crucial factors for the success of a holiday home and every detail is important for a good customer experience. Consider details that can go unnoticed at first sight, such as: the durability of the furniture and equipment (since these are subject to intensive use), a properly equipped kitchen, an outdoor and indoor dining area, as well as comfortable living areas that provide moments of well-being and family interaction.

In order to provide a good service to your guests, it is also important to take into account that the speed and efficiency of the cleaning and sanitisation process between bookings are directly related to the choice of furniture and decoration pieces. Details such as the choice of materials and colour of carpets and towels, for example, can influence the effectiveness and efficiency of the housekeeping team.


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