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Preparing your new home in Portugal

As a Leisure Launch Group company, our goal is to guarantee Simple Life Homebuyers’ an amazing experience from start to finish, including all the support needed to transition to a simple life in Portugal!


If you have bought a new build property in Portugal through our partners at Immo Portugal or Portugal Realty, then you are entitled to the Simple Life Home Buyer pack, which includes Portugal Interior’s assistance when the time comes to furnish and decorate your future home. 

Furnishing your Simple Life Home Buyer property is easy!

By working with the same group of property specialists, you don't have to worry about those details that can sometimes turn into big problems.

The various Simple Life Home Buyer team members communicate with each other, always in coordination with your Account Manager, so you won't have to worry about organising schedules, opening doors or making sure the electricity is turned on when the time comes to furnish and decorate your home. We'll deal with everything... 


What you can count on:

  • Support from our team of furniture & interior decor specialists

  • Wide range of complete furniture packs to choose from (including homeware items & outdoor furniture)

  • Personalised interior design consulting & planning


“The process was wonderful because I get very intimidated by all the different colours and designs. I’m not an Interior Decorator, I don’t have the eye for that and I know that. And so working with Allenah was wonderful, because we could say what we liked, and she would put things together and send them in just a couple of days. And we would say yes to this and no to that… Being able to decide between three different shapes of mirrors for me was wonderful! Because I could say: ‘I know I like this!’ Everything has been beyond our imagination as far as quality, colours, and the way everything fits into the apartment just so beautifully. For me, it was a wonderful experience! (…) We have everything from linens to silverware, pots and pans, a coffee maker, and appliances… it was just seamless!”

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Wendy Durham,


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