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Details that make a difference

At Portugal Interiors, we strive to transform each property into a home. With your personal touch and our professional guidance, together we create environments where coming home is always a pleasure!


More than a home. An experience.

Our goal is to deliver a seamless and hassle-free client experience, from start to finish!

Before the construction even begins…

When a client buys a property from Immo Portugal or Portugal Realty with the Simple Life Home Buyer label, they automatically qualify to receive support from our Furniture & Design team, even before the construction begins
When a home is still in the design stage, we work hand in hand with the contractor's engineering and architectural teams to ensure that the choice of colours, textures and materials will match perfectly with the vision each Simple Life Homebuyer has for their home.

Portugal Interiors 3D design for living room and bedroom furniture.png

We keep it simple.

Visiting our offices in Sao Martinho do Porto is a world apart from the hassle of visiting several traditional furniture stores. 
We are a “one-stop” complete solution to decorating and furnishing your home in Portugal, that you can visit both virtually or, if you prefer a more “feel & touch” approach, we have that too.

It's all about working together.

Our process is simple. We share our technical and practical experience to choose the items needed in a private or holiday home while understanding your vision and personal taste. Together, we transform this into reality. The process is not only simple but also easy.

Our team will guide you in selecting pieces and colours from an extensive range of furniture, textiles, wallpaper, etc. And for a better perspective of how everything comes together, you can visit recently completed homes.


You literally do not have to leave your chair.

Once you have selected your favourites, you can sit back, relax and enjoy Portugal. It is our job to take care of everything, including the sourcing, quality control, delivery, assembly, fitting and decorating. To finish off, we also make the beds and do the cleaning! You walk into your newly furnished home beautifully customised and ready to enjoy!

Securing your investment as if it were our own.

Whether your home is for your own personal use or a holiday home rental, we guarantee your investment in furnishings and decoration fits your needs. Our 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry allows us to know exactly what guests demand most and what is required to provide them with an unforgettable stay. 
Durability, quality and ease of maintenance and cleaning are not just details… it's the market knowledge necessary to maximize your property’s profitability!


We give our owner's peace of mind

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