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Traditional Portuguese ceramic tiles are back in fashion

A few years ago you would have to visit century-old churches and palaces to see up close traditional Portuguese ceramic tiles. Today they are everywhere…

The Portuguese people are very proud of their past and over the centuries have made great efforts to preserve the historical legacy left by their ancestors. From literature, to its gastronomic heritage, architecture and iconic elements that make the Portuguese culture and identity so unique. However, no element has gained such popularity in recent years as its traditional ceramic tiles.

Known for their elaborate design and vibrant colours, typical Portuguese tiles are increasingly present in decorative elements that today gain new uses. Particularly in construction, where modern tiles include colours and motifs inspired by tradition more and more frequently.

This mixture of modern and traditional can also be found in textiles, decoration items, art and even everyday elements such as kitchenware.

Next time you walk through the streets of a Portuguese historical centre, make the most of the opportunity and search for examples of traditional tiles on the façades of buildings and walls. You will be surprised not only by the variety, but the creativity and colour!

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