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Furnishing a Simple Life.

We work closely with each Simple Life Homebuyer to create a home that stands the test of time. Our exclusive service, furniture lines and stylish decor options come together to create unique spaces designed for comfort and modern living.


The Complete Furniture & Decor Solution
to professionally furnish and decorate your home in Portugal

Portugal Interiors combines a proven system with your personal taste to minimise hassle and decision-making.

Furnishing can quickly become a cumbersome process, whether it's a personal home or a holiday rental property. We save homeowners the trouble of having to visit hundreds of suppliers, deal with contractors, meet deadlines and delivery dates, all in a language they don't speak, in a country they don't live in.

With our team’s assistance, you will receive a simple and hassle-free experience, where you will only need to make a handful of important decisions instead of a million little ones. You choose from one of our starting styles and customize around it. We order, receive and install everything for you so that your home in Portugal will be beautiful and ready to move in on time.

Portugal Interiors takes care of everything, so you can enjoy Portugal to the fullest!


What to expect

Villa Coimbra - 1.jpg

Exclusive Furniture Lines

with options for all tastes & lifestyles

Decades of experience

in assisting foreign homebuyers

Complete Furniture Packs

with everything your home needs


The experience that counts.

As part of Leisure Launch, the most successful real estate group in Silver Coast Portugal, Portugal Interiors is proud to be a part of decades of experience in hospitality and property services that meet the needs of international investors. 
Our clients can count on a team of highly qualified specialists that understand the challenges foreigners meet when buying abroad.
Our comprehensive services are specifically designed to meet those needs and are based on trust, professionalism and excellent customer service.




Happy Clients

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