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Nadine Hans, Belgium

“Dear Ana Silva, Thanks a million for outstanding work that you have done by styling in the interior of took away all the stress and come up with extremely creative ideas that fitted 100% our style. Always with a smile and very customer focused, that’s what you get when you meet Ana. THE END RESULT WAS OVERWHELMING!!! With regrets, we left our house on Sunday as we had to go back to work, but we are counting the days to come back in July…”

Ingrid Rousseau & Frank Jacobs, Belgium

“It was a really good connection with Ana. We decided immediately to go. In one morning she heard our needs and how we would like to have in our apartment Portuguese accents, inspired by the sun and sea. In three hours everything was decided, and the rest, the small details, Ana did it all. It was really great, no problems, no worries, just relax and enjoy. The pack had everything we needed for our holidays. Satisfied? We are more than satisfied!”

Cathy & Stefaan, Belgium

“Thank you for your advice, your patience and great communication to complete our project which such great care.”

Gareth Johnstone, United Kingdom

“I had not heard a lot about Salir do Porto but when I came across the beautiful seaside village I fell in love with the place instantly. Encouraged by the warmth and friendliness of the community, I decided to invest in a property. A place that I could call home but also one that I could share with others through holiday lets. Once completed, I needed to furnish with homely and durable furniture and fittings. This was the fun part, particularly working with Ana and her team. I chose to reflect as much the local colours and feel of the ocean, beach and forest but with a modern feel. The process was made really easy with a great variety of locally designed and manufactured pieces. Not only incorporating my style but reflecting the culture of this special place. All of the furniture was designed and made in Portugal, that also gave me a sense of supporting local jobs and industry. The team knew the market well and also offered different packages that included kitchen, dinning, bedroom and bathroom fittings. As I travel a lot and my time is precious, the whole process, feedback and different options were made really straightforward and easy for me and I really felt confident that I was in good hands. The end result and the feedback from visitors has been great and testament to the hard work and experience of Ana and her team.”

Helen & Derek Tucker, Ireland

“I really enjoyed working with Ana and her team. Very professional from start to finish. As we live overseas, Ana made outfitting the villa painless and hassle-free. We were delighted with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

B & S Mann, United Kingdom

"Many thanks again to the SCH team for all your hard work in getting our unit sorted for our visit. We were very impressed with what we found!”

Pam, United Kingdom

“We are back in wet dreary England and would much rather be there with you in sunny Portugal. Once again I would like to thank you for a fan- tastic job you and your team have done with our villa! It looks stunning and the colours we chose are perfect! We hope to visit again near Easter! “ 

Ingrid & Frank, Belgium

"Many thanks for doing your job! The apartment is more than we imagined. ..we are so proud... Thank again... Many thank again!!!!