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Portugal has such a rich history in manufacturing not only quality furniture but also textiles. Often people don’t know about this but a lot of famous brands have their furniture and textiles manufactured in Portugal. It is quite common to find really expensive sheets and duvet covers, towels, etc. in some of the most expensive stores in the world that are ‘Made in Portugal’. Giving preference to Portuguese products has always been one of the core principles of our company.


We also strive to employ locally because we want to add value to our community, and whenever possible we buy products from local manufacturers. We see value in that because we want our clients to experience the real Portugal and we want their relationship with Portugal to be a positive one. Buying Portuguese products and supporting local communities is very much appreciated by the Portuguese people.



Designed and built by Portuguese manufacturers, these exclusive furniture lines bring Portugal’s best natural features into each home...

Each line was designed and built by Portuguese manufacturers, hand-picked to ensure the highest levels of quality, durability and aesthetic beauty. Composed of several pieces, each line is a complete solution for all interior furniture needs, including sofas, chairs, tables, beds, desks, dressers, TV stands, etc., in different sizes, styles, materials and colours. Items that can be matched to create modern and sophisticated interiors that will stand the test of time. 

Each line was also designed with the possibility to mix and match. We know how often one partner likes one furniture line and the other partner likes a different one, or maybe you prefer one style in the bedroom and another in the living room!  We love being creative, so we encourage you to be different.

Indy Line Tab #1.jpg

Industrial Fusion


Our newest addition and already popular, Indy Line is the answer to the Industrial style version. We’ve combined the slightly rough and unfinished look of Industrial with our easy and contemporary design. 

INDY Line makes us feel closer to Nature and more in touch with its elements.

Douro Line Tab #1.jpg

Timeless Tradition


Our timeless DOURO LINE stands the test of time. This classic yet eternal stylish line lets us play with so many different colours and materials, creating a wonderful and happy combination. A design that can easily be updated with accents, allowing your home to  .  .  .

Cais Line Tab #1.jpg

Simple Scandinavian


Our popular Scandinavian CAIS LINE combines simplicity with coziness. The warmth of wood and the simplicity of its style, creates a minimalist yet soft comfortable style.  

Launched to celebrate SCH’s 10th anniversary and inspired by the serenity of São Martinho do Porto's Bay.

Elegance Line Tab #1.jpg

Modern Elegance


Our contemporary ELEGANCE LINE lets us play with forever stylish neutrals  - whites, tans and all shades of greys. Add a splash, an accent or a simple touch of colour. A perfect and elegant combination is created in your home. Your creation. 





“It was a really good connection with Ana. We decided immediately to go. In one morning she heard our needs and how we would like to have in our apartment Portuguese accents, inspired by the sun and sea . . .”



“. . .I decided to invest in a property. Once completed, I needed to furnish with homely and durable furniture and fittings. This was the fun part, particularly working with Ana and her team. . . "



“I really enjoyed working with Ana and her team. Very professional from start to finish. As we live overseas, Ana made outfitting the villa painless and hassle-

free. We were delighted with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”