Portugal Interiors has collaborated with a local Portuguese furniture manufacturer that has over 50 years experience in the furniture industry. They have supplied thousands of hotels and commercial furniture stores here in Portugal, Spain and Angola. 

Together we have designed some interesting lines that are exclusively sold by Portugal Interiors.

Our newest addition and already popular, Indy Line is the answer to the Industrial style version. We’ve combined the slightly rough and unfinished look of Industrial with our easy and contemporary design. 

INDY Line makes us feel closer to Nature and more in touch with its’ elements.

Industrial Fusion

Timeless Tradition

Our timeless DOURO LINE stands the test of time. This classic yet eternal stylish line lets us play with so many different colours and materials, creating a wonderful and happy combination. A design that can easily be updated with accents, allowing your home to  .  .  .

Simple Scandinavian

Our popular Scandinavian CAIS LINE combines simplicity with coziness. The warmth of wood and the simplicity of its’ style, creates a minimalist yet soft comfortable style.  

Launched to celebrate SCH’s 10th anniversary and inspired by the serenity of São Martinho do Porto's Bay.

Modern Elegance

Our contemporary ELEGANCE LINE lets us play with forever stylish neutrals  - whites, tans and all shades of greys. Add a splash. An accent or a simple touch of colour. A perfect and elegant combination is created in your home. Your creation. 

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